image courtesy of    Ted Nodwell

image courtesy of Ted Nodwell

Colour is what captures my attention before the shape or content, and I strive to recreate them until I am satisfied. Working with mediums like oil, acrylic, and poster colour gives me the freedom to find the colour.

Born in South Korea, YoungHwa has spent years studying and practicing fine art; as a student in Korea and later in Alberta, Canada. Her early years in Calgary were spent as a drafting technician, and she later worked for the University of British Columbia.  Even with a lifelong desire to paint, these were times when she was forced to abandon her art.  She was able to restart painting seriously when she moved to Malaysia where she lived for over a decade. Years of living and traveling in Asia, Europe, and North America inspire her work with a multicultural style and vibrant colours.

Originally trained in water based mediums, she has since evolved her style to work in acrylic and oil, after impressionism.  But with her long time favourite, poster-colour, she produces her own kind of reduced post-impressionism.  With her love of bold and vibrant colours she tries to capture the emotion of vivid scenes full of life.  Colour is YoungHwa’s passion.  She continues to experiment with different mediums and techniques while striving to achieve the depth of colour necessary to illustrate her unique view of the world through her paintings.  She has always been inspired by the work of Van Gogh, and most recently has fallen for the work of Korean artist Uccin Chang.

She is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and various art societies in British Columbia.  She makes her home in Burnaby, B.C. with her family and two dogs.

Her work is currently on display at the Turnbull Gallery in White Rock and the Surrey Arts Centre. Some are also on loan to North Van Arts, North Vancouver Arts Council, Semiahmoo Arts, the Arts Council of South Surrey & White Rock, and the Surrey Art Gallery Association (SAGA).